Workcool2  Pant

Workcool2 Pant




With a modern, contoured fit you'll look as cool as you'll feel wearing these pants thanks to Workcool 2 fabric technology using light and breathable cotton Ripstop fabric offering incredible tear resistance while remaining cool and comfy.

Inner thigh cooling vents contain heavy duty mesh for added air circulation without sacrificing strength.

This technology is the result of years of research, with the KingGee innovation team hard at work to provide you the most comfortable pants possible, offering more airflow, less heat and a more comfortable fit.

Add cooling eyelets to the inner thighs and heat has little chance against the Workcool 2 Pants.

You also have 10 triple-stitched pockets with extra reinforcing at your disposal; perfect for storing everything from drill bits to tape measures without worrying about holes or tears.

Workcool 2 Pants are cooler, stronger and more comfortable. Just like you.


  • Ripstop Technology
    Cotton Ripstop fabric used to make Workcool 2 provides greater air permeability to keep you cool. It also provides increased tear and abrasion resistance to make the garments last longer. Cotton Ripstop makes your workwear cooler, stronger and more comfortable.

  • UPF Rating
    Ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) rating is an indication of the ratio of time that a garment will protect the average skin from turning red.

Cotton Ripstop with heavy-duty mesh; Weight 235 gsm



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Total: $69.95
Cotton Ripstop with heavy-duty mesh; Weight 235 gsm

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Posted 14/11/2015 at 04:41 AM by Bianca Hawkins

These pants are great till about 22°c. Purchased for summer will have to keep for winter now, hot as hell

Posted 13/05/2015 at 11:19 PM by Leon Shipard

The Workcool2 pants are comfortable like the standard Workcool pant but has extra ventilation however the pockets are less and smaller and as I use all pockets for tools I find this limiting so unless the pocket design reverts to the Workcool style I would not buy another pair of WorKcool2 pants. KingGee please let me know if this changes as I do like the extra airflow.

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