EST: 1926

Established in Sydney by Mr Robert Adcock, KingGee has been part of Australian history for 90 years.

  • KingGee overall 1939

    KingGee made garments for the Department of Supply to support the countries effort in World War II. The original KingGee Overall was born and was the first in a long line of original work garments known for their quality and careful craftsmanship.

  • KingGee short 1946

    Over the years, KingGee evolved with the changing needs of the work environment. KingGee created ‘Work With Ease in KingGee’ slogan and expanded its range to include men’s casual shorts and dust coats.

  • KingGee pants and shirts 1980s

    The iconic ‘If They Were Any Tougher They’d Rust’ slogan became synonymous with KingGee. Our premium products are engineered to ensure comfort, durability and functionality enabling you to work at your best in all conditions. The Originals Range had cemented itself as part of the Australian landscape.

  • KingGee pants and shirts 1990s

    KingGee continued to evolve and created the ‘For A Nation At Work’ campaign, which saw the ‘Permanent Press’ range expand with their ever-growing catalogue. Today this range is better known as ‘Smart Casuals’.

  • KingGee pants and shirts 2000s

    “Workwear You Can Trust” saw the launch of the New G’s and Worn G’s to the market.

  • KingGee pants and shirts 2008s

    KingGee lead the industrial workwear industry and often push the boundaries of garment development to new levels. Workcool2, Tradies Work Denim and our ranges of Workboots are just some of the most recent innovations.

  • KingGee has come a long way since their first overall. One thing has never changed – their pride and care is still seen today in their products. Today, their passion and expertise are second to none and there are more exciting innovations on the horizon.